This Blog

Experience and reflection are like red wine and chocolate; each intoxicatingly delicious on their own yet elevated to their fullest potential when consumed with the other.


This blog will help me to meld these two delightful textures of experience and reflection as I travel, eat and live. By writing about my experiences I not only learn more about my relationship to that moment, but also about myself and the way I see the world. I do not pretend that each post will be a profound revelation for myself or my readers, I more hope to gain a deeper flavor of life and spread the joys of life to all!



“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Food is topped only by water as an essential necessity for life. For me food is not just a necessity, it is also an art form. From the delicate rich flavors and deep fragrant aromas to the gorgeous visual and intoxicating texture food delights all the senses. I find that creating food with intention and joy not only makes for a rich experience but also the most satisfyingly delicious results. Taking time with food delights me.




It is better to travel well than to arrive.


I travel to experience not to accomplish. Travel opens me to new way of learning, thinking and being. I love immersing myself in different cultures, languages, landscapes and ways of life. I feel the place by experiencing it. Traveling allows me to be entirely in the moment, sucked into the fresh understanding of being. When I travel I am more open to what the world has to offer and to my own true desires. Through writing about travel I will also be writing about myself and about the discovery of the woman I am becoming.